Twitter Notes

In preparation for starting the unit on Twitter, it is highly recommended that students create their "class Twitter account" from home as the cell service at school makes it difficult to do so at this location. This will save you a lot of frustration and time.


Yikes! I'm Writing for a Global Audience!

Students will complete the course units in the order that they are listed under the section named, "Course Units." Beginning with the Unit on Blogging, students will write and publish a blog post at the end of each unit (at a minimum). 

Writing for a blog is a bit different than writing for a printed newspaper or a school essay. Students will be writing for a global audience so particular attention should be paid to make the content relevant and interesting. Spelling and grammar are also both very important!  Check out these guidelines on how to write interesting blog post titles and content.

I suggest that you develop/write your posts in a Google Doc and then paste into Blogger. If you decide to write directly into Blogger, be sure to save your work often.

Have fun blogging!