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Areas of Reflection to Address:

One last Post Please....

  • What were your strengths as you proceeded along with this course?
  • Looking back on the course, identify an area(s) that you need to improve on. What steps might you take to address this in future assignments?
  • As with anything that's new, obstacles are bound to happen. What obstacles did you face while you were blogging  and what did you do to overcome them?
  • What was your favorite unit and why?
  • What was your least favorite unit and why?
  • Now that you're an experienced "blogger", can you envision a time that you might create a blog for another class or for personal use? Why or why not?
  • In Addition:
The post should be designed to include at least one image.  Images should be placed to the left or right of the text - do  not just place them randomly at the top or bottom of the post.
  • Students should include the label, Final Post
  • Send out a tweet that informs your readers about your most recent blog post.
    • REMINDER - he class hashtag =  #dshs17d
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Your Online Identity Really Does Matter

June 5, 2017

File:SMirC-thumbsdown.svg - Wikimedia CommonsHarvard Rescinds Admissions To 10 Students For Offensive Facebook Memes
At least 10 students accepted to Harvard have had their offers rescinded after administrators discovered offensive posts in a private, online Facebook messaging group, the Harvard Crimson reported Sunday. The Holocaust, child abuse, sexual assault, as well as  posts that denigrated minority groups, were all fair game in the meme-focused private group chat.

At least 10 would-be incoming freshmen at Harvard University’s undergraduate entity, Harvard College, had their admissions rescinded in mid-April, after the school discovered messages they were exchanging in a private Facebook group.


Yikes! I'm Writing for a Global Audience!

Students will complete the course units in the order that they are listed under the section named, "Course Units." Beginning with the Unit on Blogging, students will write and publish a blog post at the end of each unit (at a minimum). 

Writing for a blog is a bit different than writing for a printed newspaper or a school essay. Students will be writing for a global audience so particular attention should be made to be sure that the content is relevant and interesting. Spelling and grammar are also both very important!  Check out these guidelines on how to write interesting blog post titles and content.

I suggest that you develop/write your posts in a Google Doc and then paste into Blogger. If you decide to write directly into Blogger, be sure to save your work often.

Have fun blogging!


Welcome to Social Media Literacy class!

This course will focus on guiding students as they "build their personal brand" (Digital Footprint) on social media. It will also help them to develop skills and awareness as they search for useful (and credible) information from social media resources and, just as importantly, how to contribute meaningful content.

All course material is accessible from this blog - see Course Units and Course Resources located to the right. Please see the About This Course page for more information on this course.

Course Units:
Each unit is comprised of activities that students must complete before moving on to the next unit. Most activities fall into one (or more) of the following categories:

Category: Goals - Sculpting Fearlessness Creating digital media (& various social media accounts)
File:Wikimedia-research.png - Wikimedia Commons  Research & Learning Activity
twitter » drawings » SketchPort  Tweeting Activity
Free illustration: Instagram, Symbol, Logo, Photo - Free Image on ...  Instagram Activity
File:Google Classroom Logo.png - Wikimedia Commons  Google Classroom Activity
How to optimize your blog post | SEOPlanter | Flickr  Blog Post Activity
Illustration gratuite: Questions, Qui, Quoi, Comment - Image ... Commenting Activity
ZenChill Blog: How To Create a Remarkable Life You've completed writing a new Blog Post or you've finished commenting on your classmates' blogs - YEA!  You'll need to let me know when your done.